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Solar Lighting

Welcome to the latest in super efficient LED Street lighting.
This new technology opens the possibilities of solar lighting further than ever before with far greater light output while using less power.

No longer should solar lights be considered the realm of pathway and park lighting only (although WA Solar Supplies does have a range of LED bollard lighting custom built for this application). Technology advances have enabled LED lighting rise to such levels that solar lighting can be considered for area lighting such as car parks, flag lighting at intersections and minor street lighting.

Like all new technologies however, there are significant differences between manufacturers. Big differences exist on areas such as power consumption to light intensity, life expectancy, quality of the electronic drivers, colour rendering, glare factor and options of lens angles (coverage).

At WA Solar Supplies we take this into consideration and choose high quality products and match it with engineered mounting frames or poles (even cyclone rated options are available).

Lighting Solutions are available for roadways, pathways, parking areas, feature/entrance lighting & billboards to name a few applications. We can supply complete light pole assemblies or key components only to upgrade existing infrastructure.

Did you know that solar street lighting costs approx 50c a day to run !






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