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LG arguably make the best solar panels available today. With unparalleled performance and reliability what’s not to like.

Every panel has its own flash test results available for view. This shows how well the panel performs and how committed LG are to quality control.

LG’s bifacial panels offer exceptional performance, delivering up to 20% more power than monofacial equivalents.

So if you want solar panels and your budget allows for it contact WA Solar Supplies and find out just how good the LG solar panels are. Being the best means they are not cheap but they are definitely worth the money if your budget is up to it.

Monofacial v Bifacial – More bang for your buck

Bifacial panels produce up to 5% more power when fitted on standard roof frames and up to 20% more power mounted on tilt legs or ground frames. The bifacial properties can be used to great advantage wherever there is a significant amount of reflected sunlight available. This makes them particularly desirable around pools, rivers, lakes, the sea, salt pan and snow areas as the panels will generate extra power from the reflected light. Make sure you allow for the extra power in your calculations when designing your solar power system.


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