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Battery Chargers (Rectifiers)

Rectifiers are must-haves with any commercial solar system. Rectifiers convert DC to AC for use with all AC powered machines and systems. In commercial solar systems and particularly off-grid solar power systems, rectifiers are critical assets, used for practically everything. If you need rectifiers for your business, WA Solar Supplies has everything you need.

Battery Chargers – An Overview

Today’s battery chargers are sophisticated and intelligent, designed to keep recharge times as short as possible all the while making sure they correctly recharge your battery (and not overcharge it!). Electronic control systems take the battery through a series of multi-stage charging steps. This mode of precise charging allows batteries to achieve optimum cycle life with minimal fluid loss.

Victron Energy manufactures a wide range of chargers to suit various battery technologies, applications, and budgets. They are a great choice for many applications. WA Solar Supplies also uses other solar battery chargers and rectifier products for special applications such as high voltage or electric vehicle chargers.

Other Systems and Accessories

Your DC-AC inverter/charger is a multi-purpose asset for all your power needs. We also have standalone and mobile systems depending on what you need. These systems have their solar power inverter, solar battery charger and other intelligence and relays in-built into a single unit. See our Inverters DC to AC page for more details.

WA Solar Supplies also offers a wide range of complimentary products such a low voltage disconnects, battery monitors, battery isolators, automatic isolation relays, cables, lugs etc.


Need Help with Batteries?

For any information you need about DC-AC inverters, solar battery chargers, solar power inverters, or help with your power system, call us. Ring us on 08 6365 3581 to get in touch with one of our experts right now. You can also use our contact form, or email us. We’ll respond ASAP.










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