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Domestic Grid Connect

WA Solar Supplies developed & installed the very first domestic (battery & batteryless) grid connect systems in Western Australia. Since then we have gone on to help 1,000’s of customers generate their own power & reduce or eliminate their power bills.

For those not familiar with the process of how it works the picture below best depicts this.



What are the benefits of installing a grid connect system?

  • The sun is a free and abundant energy source. Power purchased isn’t.
  • You are offsetting the cost of power today and in the future.
  • Cost of Energy is increasing. Solar helps stop or reduce these cost increases. Especially important if you are on a fixed income.
  • You will add value to your home. Energy efficiency and star ratings for homes is becoming the next big thing when selling your home. Active steps taken to improve your homes efficiency will add to your settlement value.
  • Guilt free air conditioning. Use the sun’s energy to cool your home.
  • It’s a safe and long term investment.
  • It offsets your carbon foot print.

Which option is right for me?

Many factors impact on choosing the right size system, available roof space, budgets and how much power you want to offset. Below is a graph showing some of the options available relative energy demand, for more options please talk to one of our friendly staff.

Buyer Beware

With a myriad of companies and products on the market now, how do you know what’s right for you? At WA Solar Supplies, we can promise that we WON’T

  • Compromise on quality or
  • Use high pressure sales tactics


  • Share our 25+ years of experience to help understand your need and match solutions best suited to meet these needs.
  • Only use quality products from trusted manufacturers or suppliers that we are happy to install on our own homes.
  • Nominate the system specification exactly so you know what you are purchasing.
  • Check to see that the power system is set up to operate at optimum performance.
  • Offer a fixed price quote without any fine print catches.

Warranties, guarantees and service support is only as good as the company that supports them. We are WA’s longest established solar power company with a proven track record.

A solar system is a long-term investment (25 years +). Compromising on quality and service for the lowest quote is a short-term gain only and may ultimately be the most expensive option.

For more information or assistance on choosing a solar grid connect system please call and ask to speak to one of our sales technicians or either email your request.

Did you know more than 15% of residences in Perth already have a grid connected solar power system?









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