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Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS)

WA Solar Supplies is one of the most experienced companies in designing, supplying & installing remote area power systems in Australia.

WA Solar Supplies is a systems integrator, drawing upon a wide range of renewable energy technologies including hydro, wind, solar & generator hybrids. One of our specialties is combining renewable energy sources with conventional generators. We are pioneers in the design of the technology to do this reliably and efficiently.

WA Solar Supplies has installed 1000’s of stand alone power systems during the past 27 years, working in many countries including Africa, Malaysia, Papua & New Guinea, New Zealand and of course Australia, where in WA we have installed the largest number of RAPS power systems.

The power systems are available in capacities from 1kW (single phase up to 300kW (three phase). Larger systems also available as mini-grid applications.

When designing your system, it is based around a number of key elements:

  • Feasibility study – we evaluate our customers requirements, electrical load factors, duty cycles, physical site constraints, environmental conditions and logistical issues.
  • Design optimisation – recommend energy efficiency measures and then entering this data into an advanced computer RAPS software design tool. This tool uses surface meteorology, GEOsat climate data and thousands of data sets obtained from real working systems to aid in designing the right power system solution for your location & requirements.Customers are invited at this stage to fine-tune their power system so that budgets & performance criteria are met.Our design’s are well proven with infield performance in some of the harshest conditions in the World (ie. operated in scorching outback temperatures of 48 deg C or cyclonic winds of up to 200kmhr). Even in these extreme conditions we regularly achieving battery bank life of 8-14 years.
  • Equipment specification – choosing the correct equipment for your environment is mission critical if you want to get maximum performance and reliability. Your RAPS may be powering a home, a station, industrial or commercial site, whatever the need, you want that power system to operate with the least amount of problems. At WA Solar Supplies we combine the appropriate technologies for your situation, into a reliable, cost effective integrated energy solution.

Finally, if you require your power system to be professionally installed, we can manage all aspects from freight, installation, commissioning and customer training & service support.

So that we can assist you with your inquiry, please complete & return the sizing questionnaire form available here:

RAPS Sizing Questionnaire Form
To view examples of our installations please click PROJECTS.

System-Locations-with-logoLocation of some of our major standalone power systems











Did you know that WASS can provide inverter outputs up to 90kW single phase or 270kW 3 phase?









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