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WA Solar Supplies – Regional & Industrial Solar Systems

WA Solar Supplies are a designer, integrator and supplier of solar power systems and components. Specialising in regional & industrial solar systems we also we provide solar power services and products across Western Australia, serving a diverse range of industries and locations.

We have been designing solar systems, supplying and supporting solar products since 1987.  You cannot survive as long as we have in the solar industry without knowing what you are doing and delivering what you promise.  Quite simply “It’s what we do”

Experts, Shmexperts

Many claim to be solar power experts but we actually are and in fact many experts come to us for help and advice.  Collectively we have over 100 years experience in design, implementation, operation and support of solar power systems.  We have been doing solar power for as long as or longer than anyone else.

  • Commercial systems: We supply solar components & systems for commercial applications in agriculture, business, mining, recreation and industry.
  • Solar water pumping: The high reliability of solar water pumps makes them well suited and extremely popular in agricultural applications.  We work closely with Grundfos to ensure we can get the high performance and economic operation needed for agricultural water pumping.
  • Mobile solar solutions: Delivering power for onsite and field operations and power when you are on the move including base camps, caravans, motor homes, RV’s, camping, marine and more.  Vehicle and marine based systems can be integrated with the existing charging facilities to recharge your batteries while on the move as well as when you are stationary.
  • Off grid solutions (RAPS): Providing power 24/7 when grid connections are unavailable or uneconomical, perfect for remote locations.
  • Industrial solutions: These systems include remote industrial power systems and a full range of supporting systems, solar tracking systems, telemetry and more.
  • Solar power accessories: Additional products include DC-AC converters, solar battery chargers, and everything you need for a modern solar power system.
  • Science and remote area research: Mission critical solar power systems for scientists and remote research operations in the field.


Our Services


Solar Stockists

We stock a wide range of solar essentials including batteries, regulators, panels, cables, connectors, fuses, breakers.  We have extensive Victron & Plasmatronics stocks.  Anything you need to collect, distribute and store solar power we will probably have in stock or on its way to us.

Simply the Best

We back everything we sell so we only sell what we know we can trust to perform for you.  As a result of this we stock the leading brands in solar technology equipment including

System Design

With our wealth of experience we can even help you design your renewable energy system from small mobile operations to large industrial power systems. We can design systems to integrate with your existing power system including generator integration providing uninterrupted power supplies for mission critical applications

Service & Technical Support

We provide service and technical support for a range of brands including

Solar Equipment Support, Service & Warranty Agents

We have been doing this for so long that we are service agents for :

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