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Remote Industrial Power

WA Solar Supplies has 27 years of practical experience in remote locations around Western Australia. We understand that reliability is everything and downtime is not an option. We have the capacity to design power solutions to meet any challenge.

Typical applications include:

  • SCADA telemetry systems, data loggers, transducers, metering etc.
  • Radio, Cellar or Microwave communication
  • GPS Base Station
  • Railway signal, boom gates, track sensors
  • Security cameras, access gates, guard huts etc.
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cathodic protection
  • Navigational Aids (Air & Sea)
  • Emergency power backup, muster point or safety lights

Remote Industrial Solar Power System Design

In remote areas, the most important factor to consider is power source reliability. Downtime can be expensive and delays caused by energy shortfalls can seriously disrupt workflow. Power outages can also cause major safety issues, particularly in emergency situations. Your power system must be able to deal with any and all on-site needs reliably and efficiently.

WA Solar Supplies offers a complete range of design services to create the perfect solution for your business. Our highly experienced expert designers understand the needs of remote businesses. We’ve designed many different commercial solar systems in WA for a very wide range of businesses in many different locations, as you can see on our Projects page.

Every business is different. Every site is different. Demand for power varies considerably depending on your industry, type of work, and capacity needs. Off grid solar power systems can do the job where nothing else can. Our industrial solar power systems designs are fully customised to provide all the power and reliability that you need.

If you would like a full system quote, please fill in & return our Industrial Sizing Questionnaire form.

Talk to Us about Remote Industrial Power Systems

If you’d like to discuss your solar power needs for a remote location, we’ll be happy to assist. Call us on 08 6365 3581 to make preliminary enquiries or to arrange a meeting with our team. If you prefer, you can use our contact form, or email us,. We’ll be happy to assist with your enquiry and provide any information or guidance you need.








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