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Water Pumping – We Are Grundfos Specialists

WA Solar Supplies has been providing reliable rural solar water pumps and pumping systems for more than 25 years. Over this time, we have perfected solar water pumping for many applications including stock water, cropping, domestic, and commercial/mining operations.

Through our experience, we have found that not all water pumps are created equal. Water is the lifeblood of the land – without it, nothing exists. This is why when choosing a water pumping solution, we recommend that you exceed your design requirements and purchase only high-quality components. An inferior solution is no bargain when it fails.

Grundfos – Leaders in Solar Pumps

WA Solar Supplies is proud to be associated with and recommend the Grundfos range of solar pumps. Grundfos are the world’s largest manufacturer of pumps. They invest 5-6% of turnover back into R&D to continually keep ahead of the competition. This has resulted in the development of one of the most efficient and technically advanced commercial solar panels and agricultural solar water pumps on the market. WA Solar Supplies couples this technology with the SolarTrack tracking system to provide a truly awe-inspiring pumping solution.

We provide Grundfos water pump solutions for bore, tank transfer and floating pumps for surface water.

Why Solar? 

If you are wondering why solar, the answer is simple. You get the most water pumped when you need it and when it’s hot. Solar water pumps operate in direct correlation to sunlight, which means they produce the most water when you need it.

Download the water pumping size questionnaire form for your personalised water pumping solution and quotation.

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Need to Talk to Someone about Solar Water Pumps?

If you’d like to ask about our products, talk to an expert about your business needs, or get some help for your solar power system, contact us. Call us on 08 6365 3581 to talk to us right now. You can also contact us online using our contact form, or email us for any help you need.

Did you know that a Solar water pump can lift water from bores as deep as 240M?

WA Solar Supplies have designed systems capable of pumping 1,000,000 litres of water per day.

Solar tracking grundfos water pump

Solar tracking Grundfos pump bore

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