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Inverters DC to AC

Inverters transform battery DC power to conventional AC mains power. They allow you to operate practically any appliance, anywhere.

Typical applications include.

  • Trades & service. Operate power tools from service vehicles in the field or recharge your cordless ones.
  • Mobile office. Operate computers, printers, mobile phone & PDA chargers etc.
  • Geophysical & down hole mapping. Operate winches, computers, video equipment etc.
  • Safety. Backup emergency power systems.
  • Recreation. Operate any household appliance on the road or water.
  • Remote area power systems.
  • Grid connected solar systems – with or without battery backup.

In the 1990’s WA Solar Supplies manufactured the highly successful range of Magnum Eclipse inverters. Whilst we have left the manufacturing to others, the knowledge and expertise gained has allowed us to better understand the importance of correctly selecting not only the inverter but also related items such as the battery, charging sources, cables, fuses etc. This means we can provide the complete solution for your power needs.

For piece of mind, WA Solar Supplies also offers Repair service support to all the inverters it sells and is the warranty service agent for Victron and Xantrex/Schneider in WA. Other brands that we service include PSA, Latronic, Selectronic, SMA & Fronius.

We stock a wide range of inverter power levels and types.

  • Straight inverters from 180VA to 5000VA with capacity to parallel & configure into 3 phase.
  • Inverter/chargers from 800VA to 10000VA with capacity to parallel & configure into 3 phase.
  • Inverter/chargers with dual dedicated AC inputs, one for the mains, another for the generator. Each set independently for seamless transfer.
  • Inverter/chargers configurable for use in solar/grid battery backup systems (on gird storage solar systems)
  • Grid tie inverters. Convert solar energy directly onto the grid without batteries.
Did you know 12v inverters are available up to 5kW & can be paralleled together to achieve capacities inexcess of 20kW’s











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