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Batteries are the heart of many electrical systems and choosing the correct type or size can often be daunting. At WA Solar, we take the complexity out of selecting the right battery by making sure it is matched correctly for your application or design.

Area’s that WA Solar specialises in include:

  • Stand alone remote power (RAPS)
  • Industrial applications such as communications, monitoring, solar lighting.
  • Power inverters.
  • Recreational uses for 4WD’s, boats and caravans.

We have a huge range of technologies available including sealed Absorb Glass Mat (AGM) & Gel, Flooded Lead Acid (FLA) & Li-ion.

Selection and use is critical for optimising performance & cycle life and getting the best value for money.

Just as important as choosing the right battery is the importance of choosing the correct battery charger. Please check out our huge range of rectifiers and battery chargers.

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