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On Grid Solar Systems – Commercial

WA Solar Supplies can assist your organisations power needs in many ways.

Commercial installations are larger, more complex and require more detailed engineering than domestic installations. For this reason, WA Solar Supplies has a dedicated range of commercial packages, not simply up scaled versions of domestic packages.

In addition to simply offsetting power costs you are also

  • Peak load shedding.
  • Providing feeder line/transformer support.
  • Power factor correction.
  • Harmonic attenuation.

And with optional battery backup systems,

  • Backup power in case of blackouts.
  • Power filtering against surges & brownouts.

Benefits that a commercial grid connect system brings to your business include

  • Immediately reduce your power costs.
  • Reduce any power limit exceeding penalties.
  • Improve your equipment life and
  • Improve productivity.

All commercial scale solar connect systems will additionally

  • Offset immediate power use during the day (save on energy costs)
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Provide taxation deductions.
  • Offer a sustainable energy solution.
  • Offer a competitive edge over your competitors, advertising/promotional opportunity.
  • Show leadership to employees and customers in adopting the new energy source and demonstrate that you are a responsible corporate citizen.

Roof mounted systems are possible to utilise existing warehouse, manufacturing facilities or office buildings. If space is available, you can also utilise our unique tracking array systems that can improve energy yields up to 42% over fixed roof mounted options.

WA Solar Supplies will provide assistance from conception, design, liaison with Western Power and you energy retailer, installation and technical backup service support.

WA Solar Supplies has been supplying Commercial grid systems (ie. Kalbarri solar farm) since 1995











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