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Our Projects – Commercial, Rural, Industrial & More

WA Solar Supplies has completed many projects for many different businesses in locations all around Western Australia. All of these projects feature designs that have been custom-made to meet the specific needs of individual businesses.

The designs showed here have effectively addressed and improved a range of onsite needs. Each project includes unique elements and relates directly to critical business needs.

Our projects include:

Onsite power: We created a full system design for a large-scale stand-alone power system for a cattle station to provide on-site power for air conditioning, reticulation, and high demand power for cool rooms. This power system also included a large solar array coupled to a wind turbine. The project delivered a significant power upgrade for the station, reducing generated dependency, and improving power access for this very large operation. Power supplies are absolutely critical for this business, which requires a high capacity power supply at all times.

Communications system power: This high priority project for a mining company required a full system design which incorporated a combination of industrial solar panels, batteries, and specific functional system requirements. Communications are critically important in remote areas, both for business purposes and safety. WA Solar Supplies delivered the design, supply and installation of these off-grid solar power systems. We used top of the line maintenance-free “deep cycle” batteries, high set solar panels, and custom designed power solutions to deliver a tailor-made power source solution.
Below are examples of some of our installations and onsite power system designs. Please click on the links to view pictures and a brief description of each project. See the WA Solar Supplies overview for a full description of all our services.

project 1 WA Solar Supplies overview
Short power point presentation.
project 2 Solar powered communications system
Marintime safety communications station requires high reliability & extremely low RF noise levels.
This project is located near Wiluna, Western Australia.
project 3 Solar powered mining communications system
Communications site on BHP mine in the Pilbara, Western Australia.
Agricultural Case Study

Commercial grid connect system – Agriculture

30kW three phase solar grid connect system to reduce cost of producing chickens Perth, Western Australia.

project 5 Standalone power system – Cattle Station
28kW single phase solar / generator hybrid power system located approx. 200km away from Newman, Western Australia.
project 6 Standalone power system – Cattle Station
30kW three phase solar / generator hybrid power system located south of Broome, Western Australia.
project 7 Standalone power system – small Station
Small 5kW single phase solar / generator hybrid power system located in Gascoyne region, Western Australia.
project 8 Standalone power system – Large Cattle Station
40kW three phase solar / generator hybrid power system located near Newman, Western Australia.
project 9 Standalone power system – Large tourist facility
45kW three phase solar / generator hybrid power system located near Denham, Western Australia.
projec 10 Standalone power system – Tropical island tourist facility
18kW single phase solar / generator hybrid power system located on Dirk Hartog Island, Denham, Western Australia.
 project 4  Town Power – grid connect system
15kW single phase solar / generator hybrid power system located in town of Kalbarri, Western Australia.

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